Those Awful-Sounding Phone Speakers

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One of my cardinal pet peeves is people walking around holding their phone up in front of them with the tiny little speaker inside blasting hip-hop music. Or any music for that matter. Or anything at all as a matter of fact.

Those speakers are designed…

Car left turn indicator
Those blinky lights on your car can actually save lives

It really burns me up when I see people not using their God-given (OK, Detroit- or Japan-given) turn signals. Those are outfitted, indeed required, on every car sold in America (since the Turn Signal Rights Act of of 1965) and most other countries for a reason.

So I’m driving down…

Um, just who (or what) did they bury here?

In a tiny town of less than 1600 people called Catawissa, which is just south of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, lies Mt. Zion cemetery, more commonly known as the Hooded Grave Cemetery.

Visitors and tourists can almost always be found at the JFK Memorial in Dallas, Texas

You may have heard of geocaching, a high-tech treasure hunt; geocachers, often just called “cachers,” like to say they “use multi-million-dollar satellites to find Tupperware in the woods.” And actually, that’s pretty accurate.

Geocaches are all around you. You’ve probably parked your car next to one more than once and…

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